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Fullmetal Alchemist – Flame of Alchemy

Edward is not surprised that in the early morning, Winry is still sleeping in her bed… but Edward is amazed by how sexy she looks right now! Did he ever realize that hot blonde chicks aren’t just great companions in dangerous adventures but also great partners for having sexual intimacy? It is highly unlikely that he would be doing what he’s planning to do if he didn’t realize that.

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Winrys Vibrator

Even Ed who is the main character in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, has days when even Winry her blonde hottie, isn’t enough to support him. However, luckily Winry is skilled in not only using tools but also creating them! You probably know what type of invention she will be working on next assuming this comics is not a hentai-themed parody comics!

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Utter Iron Alchemist Under Blue 11

Riza Hawkeye is a cartoon character from “Full Metal Alchemist”. The slim blonde beauty is a tough one. How else would she be able to handle all the tough female cocks trying to enter her fuckholes. No matter the number of sets of balls she drains there will always be another and, of course, for our blonde slut it will be nonetheless capable brunette Izumi Curtis…

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This Pono fullmetal, fullmetal color Pono comic will reveal how two sexy blondes have a sexy relationship with an unfat dick. The girls first strip down before they begin to lick their fat dick. This causes their tight, swollen thighs to become wet. The girls then take turns jumping on the meat sausages to achieve the vaginal menopausal stage. They then are forced to show their round females. Enjoy the video.

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It seems that not everything has been great lately between Ed and Winry. There ought to be a wayfor them to get back on track in the shortest time feasible. But what is the best way to fix relations and to fix them in a timely manner? The answer is simple – the characters in these comics should be able to have sexual intimacy! Luckily enough this comics is part of the hentai parody genre so there won’t have any issues regarding sex and erotica…

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Gishi Gishi Anan ~Hentai Fugou ni Netorare Ikkagetsu~

The hot blonde with amazing booty (which you can check already on the front cover of this comic) is known for her proficiency with all tools and fixing any issue… even when the issue is a morning bonerand the tool is actually non other than an old, ugly guy’s massive and hard-cock! That’s not just a parody comics – it is hentai parody comics!

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Babe Ebony

In this comic, which is black and white, you’ll discover the tale of a gay relationship between two young gay men. Although homosexuality is a topic which isn’t often talked about but these two gay men aren’t afraid to bring it up. They are open about their sexual orientation. That’s why after work she stays at home alone. It’s also a chance for the guys to go naked and engage in sexual some sex. Then they slap their big dicks off , and leap onto the bed. The chimney cleaning begins. Then let’s start.

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